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Yong-Keun Jung  (Jung YK) 1 Article
The Interplay between Autophagy and Aging
Jong-Ok Pyo, Seung-Min Yoo, Yong-Keun Jung
Diabetes Metab J. 2013;37(5):333-339.   Published online October 17, 2013
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Numerous studies have established a link between autophagy and aging; however, the relationship has not been clearly defined. Aging is a very complex process caused by the accumulation of various factors due to the gradual failure of cellular maintenance. Recent studies have shown that autophagy reduces the stress responses induced by starvation, reactive oxygen species, and the accumulation of intracellular proteins and organelles through cytoprotection, clearance of damaged mitochondria, and lysosomal degradation. Here, we summarize our current understanding of the relationship between autophagy and the aging process.


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