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Hajera Mahtab  (Mahtab H) 1 Article
Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes and Impaired Glucose Regulation with Associated Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and Depression in an Urbanizing Rural Community in Bangladesh: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study
Bishwajit Bhowmik, Sanjida Binte Munir, Israt Ara Hossain, Tasnima Siddiquee, Lien My Diep, Sharif Mahmood, Hajera Mahtab, A. K. Azad Khan, Akhtar Hussain
Diabetes Metab J. 2012;36(6):422-432.   Published online December 12, 2012
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To determine the prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and impaired glucose regulation (impaired fasting glucose [IFG] and impaired glucose tolerance [IGT]) in an urbanizing rural population of Bangladesh and associated cardiometabolic risk indicators and depression.


A total of 2,293 subjects aged ≥20 years in an urbanizing rural Bangladeshi community were investigated. Socio-demographic and anthropometric details, blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose (FPG), 2 hours after 75 g plasma glucose (2hPG), glycosylated hemoglobin, fasting serum insulin and lipid profiles were studied. Presence of depressive symptoms using Montogomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale was also assessed.


The prevalence of IFG, IGT, IFG+IGT, and T2DM were 3.4%, 4.0%, 1.2%, and 7.9%, respectively. The prevalence of T2DM and impaired glucose regulation differed between males and females, but, both increased with age in both sexes. FPG and 2hPG had positive correlation. Employing logistic regression, it was found that increased age, waist to hip ratio, systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and depression were independent risk indicators for diabetes. Both insulin resistance and β-cell deficiency were significantly related for causation of diabetes. Among the study population, 26.2% had general obesity, 39.8% central obesity, 15.5% hypertension, 28.7% dyslipidemia, 17.6% family history of diabetes, and 15.3% had depression. Physical inactivity and smoking habits were significantly higher in male.


Rising prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose regulation in this urbanizing rural population exist as a significant but hidden public health problem. Depression and other cardiometabolic risk indicators including obesity, hypertension, and dyslipdemia were also prevalent in this population.


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