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Won Hun Jeong  (Jeong WH) 1 Article
Characteristics of the Newly Established Diabetic Model Mice, TallyHo.
Sang Dal Rhee, Won Hun Jeong, Yoon Young Sung, Hye Sung Lee, Kun Bock Lee, Hee Yeon Kim, Sung Don Yang
Korean Diabetes J. 2004;28(3):177-186.   Published online June 1, 2004
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TallyHo(TH) mice are a newly established model for non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus(NIDDM), for polygenic causative genes that have not yet been identified. It has been reported that TH mice show mild obesity, hyperinsulinemia, hyperlipidemia and male-limited hyperglycemia. The characteristics of these mice were examined. METHODS: Diabetes related physiological data of TH mice, such as body weight, the plasma concentration of biochemical parameters(glucose, triglyceride and nonesterified free fatty acid) and changes in the pattern of the oral glucose tolerance test(OGTT), were obtained up to the age of 35 weeks. The insulin tolerance test(ITT) was performed at 7 weeks of age and the weights of the fat pad and liver were measured at 35 weeks of age. RESULTS: TH mice revealed hyperlipidemia, glucose intolerance and disturbed insulin tolerance, even when prediabetic at 7 weeks of age. Hyperglycemia and hyper- insuline-mia were observed as early as 10 weeks of age; however, individual variations in the blood glucose level were large at this age. Obesity in TH mice seems to be caused by the predominant deposition of visceral fat. CONCLUSION: These results suggest that TH mice are an appropriate rodent model for diabetes with visceral obesity and insulin resistance.

Diabetes Metab J : Diabetes & Metabolism Journal
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